Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Please, Take A Kid Fishing!

Now this is a message that I would like to share with every able bodied adult. I would like to encourage more folks to take kids fishing. The kids don't even have to be your own! Take your nieces and nephews, your grand children or any child that is interested! It may not seem so important, but fishing is great at reducing stress in your life and a child's life. I would also like to point out that it encourages self reliance within the child. With the uncertain future for our youth, I want my child to know how to go out to the lake and catch fish for his supper if the need presents itself in his and his family's life. Fishing is also a great bonding activity as well. A lot of great memories have been created while out fishing with loved ones. Those memories are very important to children and young adults. It is always important to have great memories to look back on. Now that my daddy is gone to live with Jesus, I have those memories of him taking me fishing and spending that special time with me. Those memories will get me through, until my daddy and I meet again in heaven. I sure hope that they have fishing in heaven. Yeppers, I sure do! So, please take a kid fishing. Those of you who already do take the time to take kids fishing, I adore you!
Happy Fishing!


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