Saturday, April 18, 2009

Household Baits

The baits that I would like to talk to you about should be easy to get your hands on, and very cost effective for your budget. I am going to mention chicken and beef livers and gizzards. Some folks wrap them around a treble hook and then wrap a piece of old nylon stocking around your baited hook and tied with some string or a rubber band. Chicken and beef livers and gizzards tend to fly off when you cast your line. So that is why people wrap it in the stocking. The blood still attracts the fish. No worries. Other folks set out a paper towel and set the liver pieces in rows and sprinkle them with garlic salt. Just let them sit for a few days. They say that the salt dries up and toughens the meat, so it will stay on the hook better. The garlics's function is to attract the fish. Catfish love garlic. You can also use any meat that you have in the icebox, that you might not have been able to cook before it went bad. Catfish love old meat! Just doctor it up with the garlic salt and let it sit out for a while and you will not have any problems catching catfish! You can also use hot dogs that have been cut in 1 inch chunks. Put them in a resealable baggy, then doctor them with the garlic salt and let them sit in the sun for a week. Good Luck!
Happy Fishing!

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