Wednesday, April 9, 2014

*MIRRORED* Cliven Bundy's friends and family MOVED IN AND "THEY" MOVED OUT

PATRIOT POWER IS AWESOME!! The Nevada Range War is still ongoing, but a battle was won today! Today Jared Bundy walked into the war zone to inquire about how his family's cattle were being treated during the cattle rustling roundup. The reinforcements started moving in like flies. It was quite clear to see that the Bureau Of Land Management also known as the (BLM), had put out the call for back up for the arrest of Jared Bundy. That is when the power of the patriots change the outcome! It is so awesome and it brought a few tears to my eyes seeing folks stand up together for what is right. I am praying for this family and I hope more folks can stand with the Bundys. There really is power in numbers.

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