Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meet my little fishing buddy, Alvin!

I would like you to meet Alvin, my little fishing buddy. He is just the best fishing buddy! I do alot of my fishing alone, so I take Alvin with me. He lets me know if someone else is around. Nobody will be able to approach without me knowing about it. That is a good thing because I do alot of night fishing in a secluded area. My husband does not enjoy fishing anymore so I have come to rely on Alvin for security. I would like to encourage all of you to be aware of your surroundings while night fishing and fishing in the daylight hours as well. Women that fish alone have to be aware, more so than a man, but everyone should think about these things, men and women alike. Always let someone know where you are fishing and when to expect your return. Make sure that you have your cell phone with you and make sure it has a strong signal, in case you have to call for help. You just never know what might happen while you are out on your adventure. Alvin really enjoys going fishing with me. He stands watch as I enjoy my catfishing. He enjoys being nosey as well. He has to smell every bait that I use. He is so funny. He plays with the minnows, shad and other bait fish that swim around in the shallows. Just becareful that your fishing buddy doesn't accidently get hooked with stray fishing hooks.

Happy Fishing!




  1. Smart and good advice. I sometimes take my dog also but she has had the unfortunate experience of a treble hook nose pierce as well as a lip pierce. Good thing I always have my pliers handy.
    Tight lines

  2. Cute fishing buddy. Can't be too careful these days. Just might take a shot at catfishing. We have a lot of sloughs out by the airport that might hav esome cats in them. Be safe.

  3. Very good points made on this post. It is easy for any of us out fishing to get totally consumed in what we are doing and lose focus on what might be happening around us. Thanks for the reminder for all of us fishing guys and gals. Alvin sounds like he is a great little friend.

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice meeting you too. Enjoy your blog.
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  5. You're little Alvin is adorable. I know he will protect you and glad you take him with you at night...be careful! That was very good advice. I don't fish but just won a new pink flashing fishing reel and rod. I won it on a blog called, The Hunter's Wife, a month ago. May get to try it out tomorrow. My husband and I are going on a Senior picnic and will tests the waters at the lake! Hopefully, will get some pics up...we have rain in the forecast but just have to wait and see. Love your blog! :)

  6. I think you should start an Alvin fan-club, he is soooo cute! You can add pictures of his latest adventures to your blog under his very own section.

    I've only ever fished in pairs or a group, I think you're very brave to fish alone.